"...As you are going into all the world...make disciples"


Anchor Missions Around The World

Mike Becker, a missionary and member of Anchor Church, traveled to Africa on 5 mission trips and helped organize more than eighty thousand meals to be
distributed to those who were hungry.  Mike was Anchor's first Missions Director.  He left a legacy of compassion that Anchor pursues even now for the cause of Christ in our community and around the world.

Jesus said "as you are going, make disciples"


At Anchor we believe in reaching out to the local body of Christ at our church.  We also know that there are those here at home and around the world who still need to hear the message that Jesus loves them and died on the cross to pay for their sins.  Its this message and mission that has lead Anchor to be a part of the Cooperative Program.   This work takes the Gospel of Christ around the world.  We also provide opportunities for our members to do more than send money, but send themselves as well.  In the past year Mike Becker of Anchor has helped pave the way to send others to Africa and eventually beyond to build, plant, and feed folks in the Name of Jesus.  On his last trip 85 people in Africa prayed to receive Christ.  Jesus used 12 men to reach the world...imagine what 85 more believers will do in their homeland for God.