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He walked here only 33 years. Yet we measure time from the year of his birth. WHO IS HE? A good Man? A Teacher? God? A Savior? He never owned a home. He never put his feet inside a big city. And He rode on a borrowed donkey. His followers were common folks like you and me. The only thing He ever wrote was in the sand, yet libraries the world over have volumes written about Him. WHO IS HE? Who is this man that made such strange claims?
"I am the door." "I am the light of the world." "I am the bread of life." He lived in an obscure mid-eastern country. He was born in a stable His parents were peasants. Yet who can ever estimate His influence on the human race? Jesus. Jesus of Nazareth. Ever wonder who He really is? Come join us this Sunday at 8:30am, 9:30am, or 10:30am and find out more about how much God loves you!

Making a Difference
We will never clothe, house, and feed everyone. Even Jesus did not do that; but He did make a difference in the lives of people He touched. We can do that. Make a difference in someone’s life today. Make sure that the love and compassion of Christ are shown through your words and actions


Pastor: Dr. Jeffery Nichols