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Christ has invited us know Him and to experience His amazing love.  He freely offers his life that we may enjoy a deep and meaningful relationship.  As we imbibe His Life another world is opened to us and we begin to understand the things of His Kingdom.  We come to realize that this kingdom is different. Unlike the meaningless world we are leaving behind this is a world full of life, faith, love, compassion, kindness, hope and goodness. 

When we accept this invitation we are often confronted with daily opportunities to turn from the temporal world and to walk into a perpetual newness of life with Him.   There may be times that we find ourselves distracted and we may sense a tugging to turn back to the old life that we know offers nothing of eternal value.   We may feel as though we have failed to accept His high calling. 

If this describes your spiritual situation be encouraged and take heart.  No one is perfect and we all stumble along this path that leads to Christ.  Trust God to complete the work He has started in you.  In time we discover our Lord’s enabling love and tenderness. 

This Anchor fellowship is made of real people who have struggles much like your own.  We share our lives with one another and draw strength and encouragement from our shared experiences.  Perhaps you are looking for some folks to grow with.  If so please except our invitation to be a part of our journey.  You will be good for us and we will do our best to be good for you.  You are loved.

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